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College of Nursing
Facilities for College of Nursing
Facilities Available
Excellent Teaching Staff (Tutors)
Separate Hostel facilities for boys and girls
Smart Classrooms
AV/Aids Room
Computer Lab
Nursing Lab
Nutrition and Community Labs
Recreational Facility
Community Health
Nursing School Vehicle

Teaching Staff
The Nursing college is run by an efficient and dedicated team of teaching staff that have been graduates of reputed institutes. The graduates range from M. Sc., B.Sc. with vast experience. Most of the staff are residents which facilitates continuous guidance, monitoring and encouragement for excellence.

The teaching staff is backed up by doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacists, lab technicians that also assist in training programmes.

Hostel Facilities
The student hostel block has three floors with four rooms on floor. Each floor is designated to each year of Nursing. Adequate space @70 sq. ft./student is allotted and other facilities like attached bathroom, phone and lockers are provided. Periodic inspection is conducted to monitor the cleanliness of the premises. The Warden and Assistant Warden assist them on a 24 hr basis.

Separate quarters for the bond nurses are also provided with all the above mentioned facility.

Class Rooms
Well ventilated, spacious, well lighted classrooms are provided with blackboard and LCD projectors provided for teaching purpose.

The Library is equipped with all the needed books and magazines. Additional information is obtained from the internet.

The students are encouraged to make full use of the facility.

A. V. / Aids Room
The AV aids room is equipped with all the needed electronic equipments like Audioplayer, TV, DVD and CD player, OHP, LCD projector and Laptop etc.

Computer Lab
The Lab has 6 PC that help the students in computer training programme. The studentsí are scheduled on a shift basis. Internet facility is provided to access latest information.

Nursing Lab
The Nursing Lab has all the needed facilities to teach Fundamentals of Nursing. All necessary equipments, procedure instrument trays, models, charts, are all provided for training programme.

Nutrition and Community Labs
Individual community bags are provided for learning and the Nutrition Lab provide all the necessary models and ingredients for practical learning.

Separate kitchen and cafeteria is provided to serve hygienic food to the students and Bond Nurses.

Recreational Facility
In order to develop overall development of the body and mind, facilities for outdoor and indoor activities are provided.

College of Nursing Vehicle
A separate vehicle is provided to transport the students for community projects, learning tours and recreational activities.

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