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College of Nursing
College of Nursing
The S.D.A School of nursing has been in operation since2001 with the accreditation of Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council and Indian Nursing Council. It has exhibited it has excellence in training skilled nurses who have shouldered various responsibilities. A total of about 150 GNM graduates have successfully marches out to serve as nursing professionals around the globe. In order to meet the health demands of the society, management has planned to upgrade the school of Nursing to College of Nursing.

The management acknowledges the contributions made by the Southern Asia Division, Medical Trust, South West India Union and north Kerala Section of SDA. The generosity of Loma Linda University and all other donors is well appreciated. The untiring efforts of the honorable MLA of Ottapalam Shri. M.Hamza, and Dr. Johns K Mangalam , Managing Trustee punarjani, Trissur in the establishment of SDA College of Nursing is acknowledged.

Objectives of The S.D.A College of Nursing:
To provide learner cantered education that would foster professional excellence.
To inculcate practice of holistic and compassionate healthcare that reflects the healing ministry of Jesus Christ in all settings without discrimination.
To deliver scientific, high-tech, high touch education that requires the development of right knowledge, attitude and skill of nursing.
To promote training of professional competent, ethically sound individuals who would adopt evidence based nursing practice.
To uphold the value of every human being as a creation of God and respect all individuals regardless of caste, religion, race or class.
To recognize the need for lifelong learning and develop teaching and management skills.
To utilize every opportunity for the physical, mental and Spiritual development of learners that would exhibit professional excellence.
The faculty is committed to the development of high quality nurses by serving as role models in implementing the mission philosophy and objectives in practice of nursing.
The faculty takes responsibility to implement the entire curriculum and develop skills of critical thinking and problem solving among learners.
The faculty and students would seek to maintain the high standard of discipline at all times and work towards building positive team spirit and collaborate effectively with all the members of health team.
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