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A well functioning Physiotherapy department started functioning since 1984. Graduates from CMC Vellore carried out a good and strenuous work in order to bring the department to the forefront.

They not only augment the specialists in their wok but attend to patients who need supportive treatment for longer periods on an outpatient basis. We even undertake domiciliary care at request.

Most of all the cold orthopaedic conditions like low backache, OA knee, peri arthritic shoulders are handled skilfully and in an utmost scientific way by which patients find good relief after the treatment.
All post operative cases which require rehabilitation are attended methodically.
Patients with neurological deficits, children with cerebral palsy as well as adults with stroke are given excellent rehabilitatory care in the hospital.
All complicated respiratory cases are given the required mode of therapy.
Patients on prolonged bed rest to terminal illnesses are attended to so that further complications like decubitus ulcer and respiratory infections are prevented.

Existing equipments
SWD (needs replacement)
Wax therapy
Various mobilisation modalities

The Scope
Needs further upgradation to handle all the ortho, neuro and cardiac cases effectively.
Needs CPM machine for mobilising the patient after THR and TKR.
A laser therapy would be desirable to handle the terminally ill patients with chronic pain.
A new physiotherapy hall with separate sections for
Exercise therapy (including massage)
Wax therapy
Laser therapy
Electrotherapy equipments
CPM (continuous passive motion)
IFT (Interferential therapy)
TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Neuro Stimulation)
SWD (Short Wave Diathermy)
Diagnostic muscular stimulator
Equipments for Exercise therapy
Shoulder wheel
Plantar flexion dorsiflexion
Sliding wheel
Quadriceps strengthener
Wax machine
For hydrotherapy Refrigerator

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