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Orthopaedic surgery as a speciality has evolved since (1993) until then General surgeons were handling the trauma, and patients who required invasive surgeries and replacement surgeries were being referred elsewhere.

Open reduction and internal fixation of large and smaller bones as per the A. O. standards were being routinely undertaken. Hip replacement surgeries being done (Hemiarthroplasty) on the geriatric patients with fracture neck of femur. Hip reconstruction procedures were being done on a routine, for trochanteric, pertrochanteric fractures, articular fractures and Juxta articular fractures.

The instrumentation for various procedures were being set up and the staffs were given adequate training in the ascetic techniques. Thus the trauma team were able to handle:
All high velocity injuries with major bone fractures, without neurosurgical problems.
Peri articular fractures.
Treatment of closed fractures.
Paediatric trauma
Interlocking procedures for major bones. IM nailing in forearm fractures.
External stabilization of fractures using fixators. A. O. and Ring fixators. Application of ring fixators (ILIZAROVs TECHNIQUE).
Dynamic compression plating. Locked compression plating. Reconstruction plating. Mini fragment plating.
Deformity corrections were done. a) CTEV correction b) Limb deformities and mal alignment corrections
Consultant :
Dr Abraham MBBS, D.Ortho, DNB

Scope in Orthopaedic work
To start total joint replacement surgeries for hip and knee.
Arthroscopy assisted reconstruction work
Spine surgeries
Micro vascular surgeries
To add a Heba filter and laminar flow to the existing O. T.
To start an excellent trauma care unit

The Infrastructure
An excellent operating room, easy to maintain ascepsis.
Adequately trained OT staffs that are committed and responsible.
Quality instrumentation
A high frequency image intensifier.
A C arm compatible fracture table.

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